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Woman’s Strong Affliction: Man cheated partner of money and love

The husband tricked his wife tens of thousands of euros. A cheated woman urges her to seek out her partner credit history before starting a joint life.

The woman was exposed by the extent of the scam wreck when she ordered from the bailiff’s office partner information about all the debts he had to recover from her ex-husband. (ANTTI NIKKANEN)
There was nothing to suggest that it was a cheat. The couple had to be married for more than 15 years before the brute truth was revealed to the wife. He was ultimately the payer of his husband’s debts and outstanding debts. According to the report, a boy who has just become a full-grown woman has also been involved.

– The man was initially quite decent and working, the woman described the early partner give days of the couple.

However, after the man founded his own business, the money went wrong. Or, at least, she did not know that a man had previously had financial difficulties in spite of an existing debt.

– There was a wide range of transport equipment. Eventually, the firm went on, woman times.

The man had some kind of financial difficulties before the company was set up, so the company’s papers were named after the wife’s son.

– Life continued normally, but two years ago, in the fall, he began to become the boy’s name for the bills he had made.

The woman got angry for her son.

– The last thing was that the boy was used well. At that point, I’m thinking of the difference.

In addition, the man had ordered things with the boy’s name and borrowed money from his relatives without paying anything to the partner back. Even the money borrowed from a friend was left unpunished.

Mafios at the door
The situation eventually escalated into divorce and the man moved to another. The wife was left in common with her husband’s debts.

– In the end, the bailiffs came to the door to ask for boats. Then came mafios from Estonia to ask for money, woman times the development of the situation.

At this point, the man had moved away, according to a woman, to another woman.

A chewed wife paid all the expenses related to the apartment and the debts he had waived for his son.

– I have taken payday loans, so I’ve got debts paid.

The latest pull-out of a woman is related to a car purchased as a debt that was left to her.

– He (ex-husband) has put me through the car financing company in March 2013, and I did not look at the sums at all. Now, all the debts of the finance company are in my name.

For your own sake
A cheated woman finds that her debts have to pay her debts.

– But surely my deceased wife, and I could not doubt it, a woman sighs.

She also sold couples’ joint holiday trips, and the woman’s inheritance finally came to the man’s hands.

– I gave him 20,000 euros when he was ill, she says.

A woman blames many things on her own, but she can not understand how a man is not responsible for the debts he has made.

– How can your partner be ridiculed with reluctance? Do not be responsible for anything yourself? How does a man who is a full criminal can not be put to jail, the woman ponders.

As the creditor began to accumulate over the dangers, the alarm clocks began to ring. The woman did not know what was wrong. Soon it became clear that the man had been fooled by him with a lot of money.

– This was a shame on the head: the man is full of Crimea. 16 years we were together. She was not bad at first, but in the end she lied about every thing. She fell in money and in love, she laughed.

The woman hopes that the car and motorcycle debts still payable will be the last. No more surprises would come. The car is used by a woman, but the motorcycle is or has been the man’s suit. However, the bills are paid by a woman because she has put her name in the finance company’s paper.

“The lesson of the story is to check your partner’s background in love with a drug,” she asks.

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Woman caution! – That’s how you get cheated

Women are telling what kind of cheats on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet have come up against.

Iltalehti has reported on a few occasions of “Afghan Auvergna” who has cheated women on the Internet. The huijari claims to be serving in Afghanistan, being a widow and ultimately needing money to travel to Finland.

Facebook and internet dating websites are enough to cheat and the story of Afghanistan is not the only one. Iltalehti’s female readers told us what kind of cheats on the web have come up against. The stories are alike, but the scammers so convincing that many have been struggling.

An intelligent and charming British

I met on Facebook with a handsome British girl who told me she was a widow and had a 11 year old daughter. According to reports, a man is a wealthy international businessman and graduate from a university.

A man would have wanted to chat with Hotmail’s instant messenger, but I suspected something was wrong with Facebook not enough and the man’s profile had disappeared. The man put the profile back when I was wondering. The profile is, of course, really small and secret. Only one other woman (from Finland) as a friend through which I apparently found myself.

The letters sent by the man are smart and charming. We’ve been writing for about a week every day. After each letter, I thought this was too good to be true, I told him, but I was not entirely sure. Maybe he writes to me again today, but fortunately I read this magazine leaf. The story resembles a lot of my own. The money demand has not yet come, but for some reason he does not want to tell whether it has been in Finland or not. This also raised my suspicions.

I will end my communication with this type, but probably my picture is already in some of the trumpets.

Problems abroad

Last October, I was contacted by an Englishman who cheating on facebook reported that she accidentally lost her Facebook profile. She praised my smile and my beauty. I reproached the courtesy of the courtesy. Soon a handsome man began to tell herself how his wife had died of cancer and her work as a peacekeeper. She told me to love me and forever treat her as a queen.

We exchanged a few messages in which a man promised eternal love. Let’s get that kind of self-esteem, but it’s the reason it won. I realized that either I was trying to cheat or the man had big mental problems. I made it clear that I am in a relationship and I’m not interested in it larger. The man then sent a few love messages. Since my attitude was cold-blooded, no man ever contacted me.


“Like the Harlekiini book”
I was contacted by a nice looking man from Dublin. The only boy in the medical family read an engineer, married with her first love and got a baby. The wife died while waiting for another. Now, this company at the shipping company wanted to know all about me.

Just like I was in the middle of the book of Harlequin. Perfect man – I was like hypnosis. No wonder women get easy when a man can speak and share his feelings and want to listen to even the deepest secrets of a woman. Unfortunately, I also banged a man under another name and at this time the place of residence was Germany. That’s it.


“I recognized the accent”
I met at the party hall for an American man who lived in Helsinki. He was a widow and looking for boyfriend who cheating on me and Finnish love. The messages became really intimate pretty fast, the emails were just the same love affair from start to finish. She called me a princess.

I suspected at the beginning that something was wrong, not such a man could exist but still I did.

Then he went on a business trip to Nigeria, a really lucrative gig, from which the reward was tens of thousands of dollars. At that point, I really really suspected his stories. I had heard about these online scammers before. The formula is always the same: a widow, highly trained and hired, a journey somewhere where he is robbed and needs money to get out of there.

I did not think so, and the last staple was when he finally called me. I recognize the African accent even in my dream. I told her immediately that you are a black man from Africa and a villain. She was so astonished that she slammed that “how did you know”.

I told him to stop sending letters and all contact, but he kept sending letters until I threatened him with the police. Then he got angry and barked me up and revealed his true nature.

These cheaters are really moving on the internet. I know cases where women have believed these casanovs and sent money. An unkempt activity, it’s the people’s real feelings. Love should not play with love.


Captain in the UN troops
I was contacted by a second American captain in Sudan serving the United States. In fact, he was a Nigerian bishop who had taken pictures of the real soldier and others.

She would have come to Finland to live with me, but how should she have to pay an advance payment of EUR 730 to one of the Soldiers’ Pension Funds so that she could have resigned from the Army before the retirement age. He had developed an absolutely astonishingly talented and emotional story, and I’m not surprised even if somebody even believes in him.

We met for several weeks, and he sent me an email with this real captain’s pictures, Training troops and weapons. I was completely astonished about all the contacts and ultimately the infinitely clever manipulation that he knew. I still have the emails and pictures he has sent.

At that stage, I finally found him a fool when the money had to be delivered through a Nigerian service point. These cheats are enough on Facebook, the stories just vary, as I said when another chef contacted me.


Wanted to move to Finland
I contacted Facebook with a message from a British man who told me she was looking for a woman. She had been left as a widow a few years earlier and lived with her daughter twice. The man was very handsome on the picture.

He even wrote what was warm and tried to get my e-mail started at the beginning because he thinks that writing through Facebook was somewhat difficult. She told me she was ready to come to Finland if our acquaintance progressed to that degree. Only the money that I heard was troubled.

In a man’s profile, it was weird that she had not found anything else in the picture, and she did not even ask me as a friend. We wrote a few times, but the thing smelled somewhat suspicious from the beginning. Fortunately, I did not give any of my own information to him.

I started looking for a man on the net, but I found nothing more than the same name for the English Leagues. I wrote to the man that I suspect him to be a villain and I do not think he is honest and sincere. There was nothing left then, so I could be right. I think if I had gone on a visit, a man would have asked for my travel money from me. Fortunately, I did not go for a trap!

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Is Elioting a Cheat? The issue of security of the deity service

Webcasting is becoming more and more popular, but at the same time the sector has been questioned in time; Some services have had data leaks, faded profiles, and sometimes some of the dating services are fooled by fraudsters.

If you’re thinking of whether the Elite partner is a scam, then we can guarantee that it is not.

The elite partner is part of Affinitas GmbH, a company employing nearly 300 people. Our office in Berlin, Germany has employees around the world, as well as a small team of Finns in their service.

We are a large international company operating in around 20 countries and whose main goal is to bring together people around the world – in a safe and high quality service.

We have a large crowd of people at work so of course the service is chargeable. There are free dating services, but then there are paid sites like the Elite Partner, which invests in customer service and that the site has only good-natured, serious-looking singles. In this way, scammers and other regulators do not interfere with the tracking of our singles.

If you still think of the Eliot Partner as a cheating site, here are three more myths that are combined with our service:

1. “Faded profiles”

In the net advertising industry, some companies have disclosed so-called phonetic profiles, that is, fake accounts that will attract new users to join and pay for the service. The elite partner is not doing this because, firstly, it is illegal and secondly, we do not want to fool our customers.

Another problematic thing for deity services is the profiles made by cheats that aim to cheat money from other members. For this reason, our customer service manually checks every profile, and our customers have the opportunity to identify themselves with an identity certificate – this gives a more reliable picture to other members. The Internet connection on the Elite Partner website is, of course, SSL-protected, ensuring that your personal and payment card information you entered is safe.

2. “Overpayment site for snobs only?”

The word elite breaks into many ears – especially in one of the most equal countries in the world as Finland is. However, we would like to clarify the meaning of the word elite in our service:

The elite partner does not impose on its members other than two requirements: at least 18 years of age and the goal of finding a new partner with a true purpose.
Nevertheless, our membership is typically slightly more mature. A typical cheating partner is between 35 and 40 years of age and most of the time he is highly trained. We also have a wealth of 50+ singles.

So we are not a free service, and it is not even our goal. We want to be the best place on the net where the Singles can meet each other. Many of our members also like to pay off the money that the Singles who do not look for a serious relationship are not lost in the dating service.

3. “Not possible to succeed”

Today’s online dating allows us to meet more potential partners than we ever met in everyday life. Some people think that there is not a suitable partner for me online, but we dare to argue otherwise.

The Elite Partner will only provide you with partner candidates that match your Personality Test and your requirements.

Through our corporate dating websites, on average about 2,000 members every month announces that they have found a partner with us!

Try our service now (by initiating a personality test filling) or read these 5 reasons to apply to follow the Elite Partner.

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